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A radioactive heat source was found under Antarctica that melts glaciers

A new study suggests that under East Antarctica there is a large source of geothermal heat, which slowly melts the ice “from the bottom up.” This was established using airborne radar analysis, which allowed “penetrate” into the ice to a depth of about three kilometers.

The expert group believes that there is a radioactive rock erupting from the earth’s crust under the ice cover. Without the latest radar technology project PolarGAP it was possible to conduct only superficial observations. The results of the study will be crucial in determining what will happen to Antarctica in the coming years.

Scientists were able to establish that under the ice of Antarctica there are several different “hot” sources. Now we need to figure out exactly how they will be able to influence the behavior of glaciers.

Scientists do not yet predict global changes, but in itself the discovery of hot rock in the depths of the ice is extremely unexpected.

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