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Cooling the Earth will start next year

Specialists from Harvard University are planning to conduct an experiment on spraying special substances to cool the earth’s atmosphere.

First, the experiment will be conducted on a small scale. A controlled balloon will rise into the stratosphere, from which about 100 grams of calcium carbonate will be sprayed. It is this substance chosen for the experiment, since the particles of calcium carbonate can be in suspension for a very long time.

After that, with the help of a laser, scientists will determine how well these particles scatter sunlight. Experts use the obtained information to simulate the process and scale it up to larger volumes of a substance that is sprayed into the atmosphere.

This idea has many critics. The main leitmotif of the opponents of “aerosol cooling” is that in this way scientists are trying to influence the symptoms of global warming instead of its main cause – the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

In addition, such a decision would be very expensive: according to environmental estimates, the implementation of such a project would cost about $ 2-2.5 billion per year. But scientists from Harvard argue that such events can delay the climate catastrophe and give scientists time to search for a more effective solution to the problem.

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