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Introduced interface BrainGate, which allows you to control your computer with the help of thoughts

Researchers at Brown University have created an interface between the brain and the computer (BCI), which allowed three paralyzed people to perform everyday tasks on smartphones and tablets. For example, they were able to communicate with family and friends, make purchases on the Internet and other actions familiar to each user. And all this only with the help of thoughts.

The BrainGate interface registers neural activity through a small sensor that fits into the motor cortex of the brain. Using the interface, each of the research participants was able to use applications familiar to each user, such as e-mail, instant messengers, audio and video players. During the experiment, the brain connected to the tablet via Bluetooth.

One of the participants even played Beethoven’s Ode to Joy on the digital piano interface – again, by the power of thought. The BCI interface allows you to control applications and commands while thinking about the movement of your hands — a BrainGate sensor monitors brain signals associated with limbs. It also  allows , for example, control of robotic prostheses.

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