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Life hacking for parents (just for lulz)

To make their lives easier, mothers and fathers resort to different methods in relation to their children. Our Hi-Tech news media site shares with you a selection of tricks from resourceful parents. These tips will surprise you with their simplicity and great help to anyone who has a little fidget in the house.

Make building blocks for your little construction kids? Easy!

© michelle_ssb1

How to keep the floors in the hallway clean

© Bored Panda

Easy way to distinguish your twins

© Bored Panda

How to protect a child from a barbecue or barbecue from a child

© Mark Hoyle

When there is no bathroom to bathe babes

© fjordlilie


If the baby moved to your arms and fell asleep, and you really want to eat

© jankity_j

When you want some silence

© smartytots

If there is no money for a toy road, scotch tape will help

© tmccrum_mua

Yogurt + food coloring = edible paint

© kacie_d

Knitted “covers” will save when the child can not enter the room

© thislovelylife-blog

How to “mask” oatmeal under the banana

© ariannagingras

When you feel sorry for the walls, you can paint the bath

© cake_away_cancer

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