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Media: in China launched the first production of solid-state batteries

The Chinese company Qing Tao Energy Development announced that it launched the first mass production of new solid-state batteries. This startup was created by Tsinghua State University, which is considered one of the main technical universities in China.

Solid-state batteries are considered safer and more energy-dense than lithium-ion batteries , which are used almost everywhere – in smartphones, laptops, electric cars and other devices.

The director of Qing Tao Energy Development said that they achieved an energy density of 400 Wh / kg. For comparison, in modern lithium-ion batteries it reaches, at best, 300 Wh / kg.

According to Chinese media, the company has invested 1 billion yuan in the production of solid-state batteries – about 10 billion rubles at the exchange rate. Now she produces batteries for “special equipment” and “expensive digital products”, she does not disclose details. Another company is in talks with major manufacturers to supply new batteries in electric vehicles.

Now on the development of solid-state batteries, many large companies are working – Samsung, BMW, Dyson and others. But so far no one has managed to launch mass production of new-type batteries at an adequate price, so everyone continues to use lithium-ion batteries. The statement of the Chinese company should also be viewed with skepticism, because the public has not yet been shown a single device with these batteries, Engadget reports .

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