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Messengers will be able to transmit not only video and audio, but also smell

Imagine that you are talking to a friend via video chat, and at this time he is cooking kebabs. Nothing unusual in the courtyard of the XXI century. Now imagine that you can feel the pleasant aroma of kebab right through your smartphone. According to NBC News, the technology of “digital smell” is already far off. Scientists from Malaysia are already working hard on this – and very successfully.

Unfortunately, while smells can be felt only with the help of special electrodes, which can send weak electrical currents to the neurons in the nose. Then these neurons transmit impulses to the brain, which forms the sense of smell of different smells. Researchers have already managed to transfer about ten flavors, including fruit, woody and mint.

Ultimately, this technology can be used to transmit odors over the Internet, and the electrodes will be replaced with special headsets. The developers are sure that they convey not just smells, but form an absolutely new virtual or augmented reality. For example, with the help of 3D glasses it will be possible to arrange joint dinners via the Internet.


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