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Microsoft has developed AI to create horrific cartoons

The new Microsoft neural network is called CariGAN. It makes from photos and videos of people terrifying images that are difficult to distinguish from hand-drawn ones.

The neural network consists of two parts: CariGeoGAN is responsible for determining the shape of the face and creating a caricature model. And the second part of the program CariStyGan is used to create the artistic style of photos. Developers had to train a neural network using thousands of hand-drawn caricatures.

The effectiveness of the finished program was checked by two parameters, according to The Next Web. The neural network, like a good caricature, had to preserve the details of the original photo so that it was possible to determine a person’s personality. They also checked how the finished result looked like real caricatures, many of the survey could not distinguish them from the hand-drawn ones.

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