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Scientists have learned to move micro-objects using a laser

Researchers from the School of Physics at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa created a laser facility that allows you to control the smallest objects. For example, a device can move single cells or microparticles in chemical experiments.

To implement the idea, scientists have improved the technology of holographic optical tweezers, it is also called laser tweezers. They achieved maximum efficiency of vector light and created the first holographic trap.

The finished device allows you to capture several particles at once, reports Phys.org . As the beam of light moves, the microparticles will move after it. Initially, the light was controlled mechanically with the help of mirrors, then the scientists improved the installation using a computer program.

This is how the movement of microparticles looks like when magnified:

The creators of the installation believe that this technology will help in experiments of micro and nanoworlds. For example, the installation is useful in studies of biology, medicine, chemistry, fundamental physics, and even gadgets.

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