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Hidden posts and other more Instagram features you didn’t know about

Since its inception, Instagram has received many features that most users are not even aware of. We picked up the most interesting features that will help promote your account, chat with friends and enjoy the social network.


Hide photos in which you are marked

It often happens that the photos in which we are marked by friends and acquaintances do not like us at all. Everything would be fine, but all these poorly successful pictures from various events are saved in a separate tab in your account. Initially, they are available to everyone, but it is fixable.

To hide your worst shots from everyone, select the post in the “Photos with you” tab, then click on the three dots in the upper right corner. In the “actions” item you will see the choice “show in my profile” or “hide from my profile” , as well as “remove me from the publication” and “complain”.

If you understand broke, you can hide at least all the pictures at once. Go to Settings, then “Photos and videos with you”, click “Hide photos and videos” and choose which ones (all !!!).

In order not to be painfully embarrassing in the future, in the same place, remove the checkbox for automatically adding content on which you are marked.


Track your accounts

If you are subscribed to dozens of accounts, then you risk missing the important post of your best friend or your sister. Because of the ever-changing algorithms, for example. To prevent this, put a notification for certain pages.

In the account you need, go to the settings (three points in the upper right corner) and select the item “ Enable notifications on publications / stories ”.

View posts you like.

In Instagram you can see all the posts that you like. This will allow not to lose sight of not only your favorite posts of friends, but also your favorite photos from accounts you are not subscribed to.

Or suddenly you urgently need to clean up your own reputation.

The publications you like are stored in the “Settings” section . The whole gallery, marked by likes, is available at any time.

Save photos

There is still no built-in repost function in the social network (the repost is possible only in Stories) and saving photos. However, there are still ways to save pictures from Instagram: you can use third-party applications, special sites, or download files through the page code.

If you want to make a repost photos of a friend, you can download the photo through the code. You will need a web version of Instagram. Right-click on the page with the file, select “ view page code ”, then press Ctrl + F (Command + F on Mac) on the keyboard and type jpg . Copy the first line to be issued. This is a way to get a direct link to a photo in good quality, but do not forget about copyright and liability.

Save stories

In fact, the stories were invented in Snapchat, so that you can take quick photos and not be “worn out”. They still burn in a day. But suddenly you are so gorgeous that each stor is especially valuable?

Set up automatic saving of all stories to the phone’s memory. Go to Settings, then “History Settings” and move the slider to the desired position .

Manage filters

Filters are a separate topic. Some people stick them on each photo, others proudly post pictures with the proud hashtag #nofilter. Although actually the truth is in the middle: Instagram effects can be controlled.

You need to open a snapshot in edit mode, scroll to the right, then select the “Management” item and go to the filter management menu. Here you can set the order of the effects and disable unnecessary items.

Apply multiple filters to one photo.

Sometimes you want to apply several filters to an image at once. The combination of several effects can give an interesting result, and improve the photo. In normal mode, this will not work, have cunning.

Turn on airplane mode on your smartphone and try to publish a photo with one filter . The picture will be saved in the Gallery of the gadget already edited (enable the appropriate settings of publications), and then you can publish it by applying another filter. You can try several times, but do not overdo it.

Work with markup of texts in the description

Instagram has strict rules for photo captions. The number of characters is limited to 2 thousand characters, you cannot make a line break (the social network “aligns” even the copied text) and publish active links (the place for links is in the profile header).

In this case, it often happens that thoughts in the text must be differentiated and separated from each other by a paragraph. To make a line break, you need to go to the dialing mode on the keyboard of the smartphone – the “enter” button will appear on the screen. In order for the whole string to remain empty, you will have to use a blank character (for example, this one is ⠀) and “mark” it with a place. This technique can also be used to hide hashtags and separate them from the main message.

Hide stories from selected users

If you use Stories, it makes sense to look at the settings section and select the appropriate options. In particular, you can hide stories from selected users in the “Hide stories from” item .

Snapshots from private parties, joint selfies, photos from different geolocations and other potentially “dangerous” content can be made private from not very close friends, partners or employer. Although it is safer not to lay out compromising shots at all.

Figure out when a user was online.

Instagram profiles do not reflect information about when the user was last online. However, if you corresponded with the owner of your account in Direct, then you can find out when he last visited the social network.

It should be borne in mind that a simple request for correspondence is not enough. Messaging is required, otherwise the program will only show the time when you sent the message.

If you do not want you to be followed like this, disable this feature in your account: Settings and Network Status .

Ignore messages in Direct without blocking the contact

If your friend casts you messages at the wrong time, you most likely will not want to block him. To do this, in the settings there is a way to stop the flow of messages without offending anyone.

In Direct, you need to go to chat with the other person, click on the icon of his account and select the item “temporarily block messages” . Then, when the time is up, you can change the settings and re-read each message.

Clear search menu

Instagram is looking for a lot of things: photos by topic, products, services or people. If you need to hide your search history and start from scratch, then this feature is provided in the settings.

You need to go to the settings, select the item “Search history” and click “Clear search history” . Those who are often looking for compromising things on the social network can regularly clean up their requests.

Filter comments

In popular accounts in the comments often appears spam or messages from detractors. Instagram developers are actively working to protect users from negativity and intrusive advertising. For this, a special function was created in the settings.

In the settings in the section “Privacy and Security” you need to select the item “Manage comments” . Here you can block the most aggressive commentators and set universal parameters for messages that will be deleted automatically. For this you need to list the words that you would not like to see on your page. The social network will also offer you its own list of “stop words”, on which a large number of people have already complained.

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