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The idea of ​​investing. Should I buy a Dock token

By the end of October, the cost of cryptocurrency increased by 280%. Zogras analysts said that the coin is supported by large investors, it is suitable for long-term investments, but it is important to choose the right time to purchase

The dock.io team has created a decentralized information sharing protocol for sharing and managing personal data in the professional industry. It is designed to streamline information flows from existing networks that have no incentives or cannot share information with competitors.

The task of dock.io is to create a space in which:
– the user profile will be integrated (work experience, education, location, contacts, qualifications, etc.) filled with information from different platforms
– transactions and information sharing are stimulated, providing the user with This full control over your data.

On Binance listing of the coin took place at the end of July. From that moment until August 14, the price fell along with the market. The minimum was formed at the level of 0.00000190 BTC. After reaching this point for 5 days, the asset price rose by 80%, and by October 28 it rose from the minimum by 250%.

The chart shows a slow but steady uptrend. Analysis of the volume of trades suggests that it is supported by large investors.

The price of the asset is not higher than 0.00000252-0.00000262 BTC. An additional risk comes from the uncertain situation with Bitcoin and the market as a whole. Therefore, be sure to put a stop-loss on the level of 0.00000249 BTC, slightly below the level of support. The first zone for closing long positions is within 0.00000388 BTC, the next is 0.00000520 BTC.

Intra-day volatility is 7-15%, which allows you to comfortably trade an asset. The token is suitable for both short-term trading and long-term investments.

Key points:

BUY: 0.00000252 – 0.00000262
SELL: 0.00000388, 0.00000520
STOP-LOSS: 0.00000249
Support: 0.00000256
Resistance: 0.00000388

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