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Unexpectedly: a previously unknown site was found in the human brain

The discovery was called the endorestiform nucleus. He was discovered with the help of new technology staining.

The newly discovered area of ​​the brain is located at the bottom of the lower cerebellar stem. Neuroscientist George Paksinos, the author of the discovery, compares it with “an island in the river that carries information flow from the spinal cord to the cerebellum.” It is assumed that the detected area is somehow responsible for the fine motor skills of a person.

The discovery was partly by accident. Paxinos was testing a new tissue dyeing technique that he was going to use to create his own atlas of the brain. The Paxinos method is based on the interaction of the dye with neurotransmitters. Thus, tissues are not divided according to type, but according to the functions that they perform.

When staining endorestiform, the nucleus was more contrasted than the neighboring areas. “The discovery itself has come to me,” either jokingly, or Paksinos is seriously speaking. In other animals, this part of the brain has not yet been identified, so the scientist is going to study the brain of the chimpanzee to see if the discovery is a unique feature of the human brain.

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