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Unibright Framework: How to Integrate Blockchain to SAP!

Unibright focuses, this time round, on how to integrate off-chain systems like SAP with blockchain based processes — with the help of the Unibright Framework!

The company came up with their public demo just a few weeks ago, showing how to design a business process visually and automatically generating and connecting smart contracts. Now, they are happy to present another milestone: Connecting the traditional ERP-World (SAP-, Oracle-, Microsoft-ERP-Systems) to the exciting world of blockchains and decentralized consensus.

In the following video, Unibright gives a brief presentation of a business process starting in SAP, continuing in the blockchain, and getting back to SAP again.

In detail, the process they show, is the release of a newly created purchase order:

  1. Creation of a purchase order in SAP
  2. Triggering the Unibright Connector to create a multi party approval in a smart contract
  3. “Running” the approval process in the blockchain until its end state is reached
  4. Notifying SAP about the result of the approval process in the blockchain to switch the approval state of the SAP purchase order accordingly.
SAP and Blockchain Integration with the Unibright Framework

After working hard during the last months, Unibright is proud to present a solution that enterprises can rely on. Now it’s easy to get blockchain features integrated into today’s business processes! They already received very positive feedback on this walkthrough, which really proves and makes easier to understand the idea. Unibright stands for:

  • Offering a visual toolset that allows process specialists to design business processes visually
  • Automatically generating smart contracts for various blockchain protocols
  • Integrating and connecting these to all other systems involved in the process, like e.g. SAP-, Oracle-, Microsoft- or other ERP- or legacy systems
  • Monitoring the business process with its multiple systems and blockchains involved

That’s what we call blockchain based business integration: the whole lifecycle of designing, updating, monitoring and connecting by one framework, removing all the technical details. That’s blockchain without a single line of code!

Unibright’s example shows how to set up an approval process in the blockchain, started by a purchase order in SAP and resulting in a release of this order. They enhance a given SAP release strategy by blockchain approvals!

With the Help of the Unibright Framework tools:

  • not a single line of code is needed,
  • all blockchain objects are automatically generated,
  • and automatically connected to the off-chain world!

Unibright has recorded a walkthrough for you, enjoy!

Currently Unibright is working on last steps to make the beta accessible for the public, including a very nice additional feature they haven’t talked about yet, so stay connected!

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