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Reading Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Deleted, but not forever

In WhatsApp, there is a function that allows the user to promptly delete messages, for example, messages that were sent by mistake. Thus, the sender can no longer be confident that no one will ever be able to read their message.

As it turns out, there is still a way to find out what was in those messages due to the backup function in the app.

Most users of smartphones based on Android, iOS and Windows Phone have this feature enabled by default – it starts its work at two in the morning every day. If the sender deletes a message, and the recipient needs to read it, then you can take advantage of the application’s vulnerability and delete WhatsApp from your phone.

After that, you need to re-install the messenger on the device. The system will automatically restore all chats via backup, including deleted messages, which will again be visible to all participants in the conversation.

The fact is that such messages disappear from the chat, but are still stored on the gadget itself. When an application is reinstalled, it automatically ceases to consider them remote.

In addition, messages missing from the chat can still be read using the notification system on Android. This will require third-party applications to intercept such alerts.

The publication notes that this vulnerability is temporary, as the WhatsApp technical support will soon release a patch that will fix this bug.

However, at the time of this post, this problem still persists.

Earlier it was reported that WhatsApp limited the forwarding of messages in the fight against fake news. Now users can redirect the news they like no more than five times.

The established limit will reduce the number of users who can receive the same message to 1,280 people, since the maximum capacity of one WhastApp chat group is 256 users.

“This will help WhastApp users to focus on private communication with loved ones. We will continue to receive feedback from users on their experience, and, over time, we will present new ways to deal with viral content, ” says Victoria Grand.

The representative of the platform noted that the entered limit is a “reasonable norm” that will allow you to stay in touch with family and friends, but will help reduce the misuse of the messenger.


Wiretap unwillingly

On the eve of the media reported another unpleasant vulnerability. This is a FaceTime application, through which iPhone, iPad and MacBook users can communicate with each other via video link.

The bug works as follows – the user starts a video call using FaceTime, snaps the area at the bottom of the screen and selects the “add person” option. After that, he enters his own number, which is why a group call starts in the application. From this point on, the user hears everything that happens next to the other person’s phone, even if he has not yet received the call.

Thus, any attacker can install a wiretap of another “apple” device, the owner of which will not even suspect about it.

Meanwhile, Apple has already released an official statement, in which it acknowledged the existence of the problem and promised to release the patch in the very near future.

“We are aware of this vulnerability and have released a patch, which will be available with the system update by the end of this week,” said a company spokesman.

In the meantime, experts recommend temporarily removing FaceTime until the patch is ready and available to all Apple users. It is reported that the problem with unauthorized wiretapping, most likely lies in the function of group calls to FaceTime, which was launched in November 2018. At the time of publication of the material group calls in the application are not available to users around the world to avoid abuse of this vulnerability.

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